Tuesday, April 02, 2013

writing day

Today was a writing day. Had this scene in my head that I was working towards getting committed to the page, never got it actually typed up because of a few speed bumps, but for the first time in a good long while it is really blazing in my mind fiercely. I'm not worried about losing an impression or a word. So, I don't mind going off to bed tonight without having gotten all of it recorded.

I do mind, however, my idiotic lack of feminine finesse when it comes to clothes and shoes. Jeans, t-shirts and stripper shoes. *scratches head* Yeah, not the magic mix most would find knock-your-knickers-off-sexy but that happens to be my forte, oh and toss in my fetish for killer hats. Really, I dig hats. Anyone who knows me has seen my insane addiction to headwear, and I am not talking about baseball hats, either. But if I'm pressed to describe a lady's dress, you'll get the color and if it had puffy sleeves or strappy things or not. See, totally lacking. I had to drag out the Taschen costume Bible as well as a few catalogs to dig through.

The sexy stuff, no problem. I can rattle off sexual peccadillos blindfolded and ball gagged. How? Easy-peasy, sign language should push come to shove, or well, there are other ways of getting words across, you pick those up quick depending on the kink. Then there is my unfortunate urge to constantly self-edit from the beginning every time I sit down with a work-in-progress. The longer the story grows, the more irritating this becomes - I just wish I could write! Instead I obsess, "Did I really say that back there? I really meant to say this in that spot. Oh, no! I shouldn't have used this word four times in three paragraphs." And so on. All of this could wait for the end, but no, I do it writus interruptus in the middle.

But today none of that derailed me, I got a good 4,000 words in on Trickster's Folly and added another 2,000 to The Relation Chip, so it was all good. Maybe if things go right I can share that scene tomorrow or even share the opening to Leash Laws. Now to get rid of the low-grade headache and get some sleep.

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