Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Secret

I added a link on the right to a blog called Post Secret. Why? Because a memory from my teenaged years surfaced after reading and led to a spate of late night jotting. Things that happened spun into story lines, weaving what could have manifested into regrets into different unrealized potential futures...but not for me, for characters who would be smart enough, brave enough and possible flexible enough to see those dreams to fruition.

One such story is the "Dear Diary" flash I began on Friday. My goal in high school was to go to the Air Force, only they didn't want me. I was too short, my blood pressure was too low, my feet were flat and they really didn't need recruits at the time, not even ones who nearly scored perfect on the ASVABs (military fitness tests). I wanted to fly, be a pilot and if denied, I wanted to go to Texas A&M in the ROTC for aerospace engineering. Didn't happen, not by a long shot.

Keep an eye open Fridays to see new additions to an idea that grew out of being picked on and wanting to fly away to soar above it all.