Thursday, April 11, 2013

the vagaries of service

I'd love to have a real and I do mean interesting reason for why I haven't posted since last Friday. Sure, I could blame the fact we started construction on the bird barn. Most would call the new edifice a chicken coop, but since it'll be home to a combination of ducks, chickens and geese...well, I'm calling it a bird barn. That did take up a good part of an unusually balmy weekend, but it wasn't the reason I was frustrated in posting.

For some reason once the sun came out - the internet service died. We watched as our service bar was totally filled, yet a mysterious little yellow pentagon with an exclamation point just surfaced on the bottom of the screen, informing us that while we had internet, we didn't have internet.

So I took the time to work on my projects...and obsess on that damned little symbol in the corner of the screen thwarting me from doing what I said I was going to do. It was aggravating, irritating, and worst of all - frustrating!

Today on the way back from a doctor's visit, I was stuck in traffic (tis the season for construction), there was a big dust up about people feeling how they were being short changed in terms of service at a certain fast food chain. How the workers weren't happy, not greeting customers happily. That sort of thing. I cracked up. Just before going to the doctor I had a stop at a lab for blood work so I made to detour through a local drive-thru for something to eat. My blood labs can take a lot of vials so I tend to want to eat and have a bottle or two of water. Thank goodness mine are non-fasting! There was no line and I had some time so I thought, I'll just pop in. HAH! Twenty-six minute wait, got cold food when the girl remembered I was there, between trips to wherever she was haring off to and her gossipy friend and her manager watched the whole thing. Her comment? She could have made better use of her time by cleaning her station. Yeah. I don't think the greeting is their major malfunction. Sort of like my internet interruption there is another problem that needs exploring.

At least we managed to fix our problem by getting the dish realigned. Now, service again! However long it lasts...that is another mystery. But I am back peoples!

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