Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday flash...tease

Many apologies, there would have been a post yesterday, but I ran out of internet. I've noted how I'm in a pretty rural area, so my connection is through a satellite uplink, meaning a metered connection. My daily allotment was gobbled up when my computer decided - all on its own, I may note - to do a Windows update. I had turned that annoying function off. The computer and I are going to have words, in the programming language once I get back from the neurologist this afternoon. *scowls*

Now, I finally got that scene typed up in Trickster's Folly. Go me. So proud of myself. With no internet I didn't have anything else to do. Other than read 'Survivals of Roman Religion' for the umpteenth time, but only I'd enjoy that dusty tome that much, but I digress. Keep in mind, this is a quasi PG-13 clip and it hasn't been edited to my normal OCD levels. It's just a teaser.

Happy Friday, folks!

* * *

“I can’t believe you signed those divorce papers.” Rayna emerged from the bathroom posed artfully, one arched foot on top of the cream colored seat of dressing stool. The twisty vines of metal forming the base accenting her other calf as it narrowed into a two-toned emerald and taupe shoe made of multiple, thin straps which had to have graced a denuded street hustler somewhere.
Up and up, Amber’s tired eyes dragged as more than her libido woke following lithe lines of knee to thigh to where lush loveliness disappeared underneath a shell of matching green dress. “Your dress is really pretty, even if it is kind of crooked. It’s a nice green color.” From the sudden bloom of red high on Rayna’s cheeks, Amber’s customary lack of fashion sense turned the smaller woman’s crank – again.
“This is a Grecian style, it is meant to be off one shoulder. It is an elegant style you heathen – it is not crooked.” Her sharp little nose popped right into the air, damn but it was sexy. It was all she could do to keep herself sprawled on the floor at Rayna’s feet, to keep acting like she was bored out of her mind by the frippery, and just a bit amused when all she wanted to do was muss that fine dress while Rayna’s leg stayed hiked up in that vulgar way.
“Oh, it’s Greek. That’s why it’s olive colored,” Amber nodded and stared at Rayna’s foot like it was fascinating.
“It is not olive! It is sea green, there is a huge difference! One would think you were completely color blind!” She huffed tossing her arms, which caught Amber’s eye. One hand held the second shoe, the other a slim bit of yellow colored leather. Whatever could that be for, she mused?
 “Aren’t you ever going to get dressed?” Rayna might be thrilled as a pig in poop to attend the black-tie fundraiser for animals’ rights groups, but Amber was getting the impression she was probably the only one. Well, Rayna, and possibly Princess Pain-in-the-ass, Celena. But still, Amber would rather sit at home with Huginn and Steve and watch her toenails grow.
Grumbling, she pulled off her bathrobe to reveal she was still wearing her vambraces, the leather vest that protected her shoulders against Hugs claws, and bikini underwear. “I’ve showered before you. Can you make me presentable in the time given, oh, my queen?”
“Yes, smarty pants,” the answering smile was soft, playful and full of hidden meaning. Quickly Rayna slid on her second shoe then walked over, stride slow, measured. With a quick furtive movement she slid her hands around Amber’s neck. If it were not for decades of trust, Amber would have pulled away, but she didn’t. She stayed, trusting, loving the tiny woman in front of her more than anything possible. When she felt something small, thing and almost tight cinch around her neck, she had an odd notion of what it was, a sort of collar, if she was right. Looming over Amber, Rayna swallowed nervously, smiled, and then commanded, “Take out your braid, and let your hair fall naturally over your skin.” Perking a brow at the order, but interested at this change of pace Amber did as directed.
Keeping her golden eyes on Rayna’s limpid brown one’s, she unhurriedly freed the elastic end then used her fingers to brush the entwined length into a long curtain of waves flowing over her back, over her shoulders, down her arms. It itched, brushing over her skin, and she wished it was elsewhere, but if it made her lover happy, she was more than content to indulge Rayna’s fantasy.
A click sounded almost overloud in the small room. From somewhere Rayna had found a length of gold-plated chain and attached it to the collar now clasped around Amber’s neck. Really into this ‘amber for Amber’ theme aren’t you, she chuckled inwardly. “Take off the vest,” Rayna ordered, her voice low, cracking with emotion.
Amber nearly grinned. The last time Rayna tried to top from the bottom she made it about this far and then just started begging for what she wanted. Not a problem, not like Amber had any qualms about giving the goddess trying not to bite her lip in sudden indecision exactly what she wanted, but then again if being in control or in charge was part of what she wanted…how to make her curb this indecisiveness? Amber’s inner sadist woke and howled with glee.
Sitting back on her haunches, Amber let her weight rest on her heels. She kept her gaze on the throbbing pulse point in Rayna’s throat, her body loose, elbows down, shoulders flat, posture almost as perfect as if she were trying out for a swimsuit model piece on the beach – the only difference being her hands were slowly, deftly moving to pop the buttons one at a time from bottom to top. As if Rayna realized and reacted even harder to the impersonal show, Amber frowned and pulled back.
“You’ve gotta be kidding,” she pouted, angling a glance upward through dark lashes. Holding the top buttons, she arched her back, tilted her hips, and pulled out every trick she could recall seeing a stripper toss in her direction while stuck in the same direction. When Rayna’s eyes nearly popped, Amber smiled slow and hot.
“Uh, uh. No way. You wanted to master this beast, remember?” Her muscular arms stretched out, then folded back, submissive. “You got the chain, you’re in control.” On her knees she crowded closer, using her nose, she rubbed the soft flesh of Rayna’s knee, slipping the silk of her dress higher, but still not breaking eye contact. “You wanted to be in control then do it.” Amber’s breath fanned out between Rayna’s spread thighs, ah the naughty girl was only wearing the tiniest of lace thongs. If it weren’t for the liner on the dress, the silk would be ruined with a single wrong placed lick. “Can you do it? Can you bring me to heel?”
Rayna shook like a palsy victim. Absently her left hand spooled the slack of the chain as she bent over her lover and would-be-slave. “I think I can handle this, so kiss me – now.” Grinning like a sinner, Amber leaned in and gave her exactly what she asked for.

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