Friday, April 26, 2013

Are you ready?

When I was in high school, working construction part-time (among many other things) we were coming home from a job along the shore. The posted speed limit was low, the truck was seriously overloaded, and we were towing equipment so we were really towing the line, trying to fly under radar. It was one of the reasons we were hugging the coast instead of taking main thoroughfares if you get what I mean.

Seeing how the truck was about fifteen years old and the only form of air conditioning involved rolling down the window - all were down and we were hanging out hoping nature would pity us and send a breeze our way. The job we were headed home from had been in a more "southern" clime and it was warmer than we were accustomed to on top of us being beat-tired and sweated through from work.

That was when we spotted the family off an old rickety boat dock. They had this shiny, pomaded up fiberglass boat sitting deep in the water, clearing her throat with guttural bursts. That's what caught our attention. That and the steady lurch of the truck as we had to almost stop to go over the dratted speed bumps and inevitable koi pond sized potholes that accompanied the same. While the driver cursed we watched and listened as the family readied a wanna-be-water-skier on the dock. A part of me had my jaw hanging thinking, "Oh man, that is so wrong, you got to start in the water..." Another part, most likely the demonic imp that dances on my shoulders just said, "Get ready to watch tis babe!"

The guy on the boat hollered back, "Are you ready Water King?" to which his brightly hued, life-vested, straw hat-wearing, ski-laden, adrenaline junkie - clueless in the art of waterskiing replied, "I am READY!!!"

And the boat took off. Full throttle for all she was worth, all 90-horses screaming, twisting water, sending the boating on a pell-mell course that ran not quite straight but jack rabbited a tad before the pilot got it under control and he spun it out into the open channel. The skier? Um, yeah. He was in the middle of the dock when the growl of the motor signaled all systems go and the fool bent his knees. From there he duck-stepped once, twice, then lost a ski in between the boards of the grey-hued weathered dock planking. Never letting go of the pull rope, he was jerked off his remaining foot, went sky-born for a brief moment, then skipped like a stone across the water as the boat did that odd jig-jag I that point the boat slalomed him across a sandbar where he lost the second ski - it popped into the air like a toothpick. As the boat caught it's pace - so did the skier - as a kite tail behind the bright skimming silverfish. The Water King never once thought to let go of the pull rope.

I don't know what was worse, the fact that no one on the boat ever looked back to see how he was doing, or that all of his friends on the shore were laughing as hard as us in the truck (who, incidentally almost wrecked said vehicle watching the spectacle). Yes, it eventually all sorted out, but the guy looked like he went five rounds with Ali.

Over the years I wondered, 'why didn't anyone tell him what he was doing wrong?' Was it because of the nickname? There are plenty of people who think they know everything, to the point where the only way to let them learn the opposite is to have them make their own mistakes. Was that it? But...why didn't he just let go? There was even a night where I had a dream where I was in the same position, every time the motor turned on - I dropped the line. On a lark I sat and meditated, put myself in that position... My first roadblock was trust. I don't have a wealth of it. Not for anyone. Certainly not in that type of situation. Given my dislike of water, it took a long time to get to the stage where I could re-enact the scene.

Anticipation, wanting something so much then having it within your grasp then - BAM! - shock as everything goes from standing still to instantly moving faster than perception can adjust, faster than the body can move. Breath burns, shoulders tear, body attempts to keep up - failure! Pain as one ski is ripped off. Then hit the water. Not a soft hit but like razors, the surface hitting the body with wet slaps and smacks a moment before rolling you across a dirt and sand riddled bar then tearing forward again, this time pulling off sections of skin from arms and legs and the head. All the while looking at the back of the boat, the instrument pulling you - something that was intended to be fun but what is now torturous - and wondering at all the averted faces...why haven't they looked back once? Has it been that fast? Or has it just seemed that long to me?

Now, are you ready for your decisions in life? Sure not everything needs thought out like the Water Kind should have done, but you'd be astounded how often small things should be given that kind of attention. You know, 'the butterfly effect'. Only I like to think of it as, 'are you ready Water King?' Well? Are you ready? Things are getting pretty real out there to make bad decisions let alone to hold on way too long.

Just something to think about while I work on type-type-typing.

Friday, April 19, 2013

stress buster

With all the insanity that's been going on this week - the bombing in Boston, the ricin laden letters, the horrific explosion in Texas - it has been pretty impossible not to sit in front of the television and overdose on news or turn on the radio, blissing out on a buffet of all-day talk show buzzwords. At one point I thought my blood pressure was going to hit critical mass.

Worst was, I couldn't play my violin, we have peeps in the pantry Last week it was duck peeps, this week we are on chicken peeps - golden sonic and a variety of Chinese cuties that are simply darling, plus four Guineas. The ducklings have been moved to the bird barn, so no outdoor playing, I don't need to freak out the farm animals. Not yet at any rate.

So, here I was stressed like a kettle on boil with no way to let off steam and writing wasn't working. In a last ditch effort I called a friend who laughed and told me to "just make something crafty, you know, you are pretty creative..." Then it hit me, I could draw and do so many things! But I also had way too much energy to settle for that. Grabbing my Illustration Now! Portraits book I plunked down on the couch and dug in, looking for inspiration. Instead I found the peace I'd been looking for, and not a bit of inspiration as I filled some pages of a notebook with ideas with plotlines and characters and settings.

Tonight I thought to share with you some of the artists from the book in case you feel an urge to wander the 'net to have a look/see for yourself.

Lisel Ashlock has a wonderfully real texture to her work, the colors are vibrant, earthen, organic. Portraits always seem to have an element to them that an observer would see but dismiss until later when the nature of the symbol clicks with subject. Brilliant and beautiful.

In the work of Montse Bernal there are focal points within the portraits, highlighted by the mixed media: embroidery, pen, color pencils, collage. Lips are stained blood red, eyes kohl black, a shirt in vibrant hues, hair done in sausage curls - so many points of accent but never garishly so.

The pop surreal painting portraiture of Lesja Chernish - very much like Mark Ryden. My favorite in the book is that of the Sisters, the pair look so tranquil they'd be very much at home in a Verse Advice tale. Snaps to anyone who gets the reference.

When it comes to the portrait art of Alexandra Compain-Tissier, I have to admit a bit of a preference - in that for me, it is her pencil on paper art or nothing. She truly does seem to have a gift for capturing faces best in the media - at least to me, Infernal Affairs speaks for itself.

There are maybe five more artists in the book that can capture my attention for hours, but of those one of my favorites has to be Tomer Hanuka. If Hanuka has ever done an ink/digital combo that doesn't please the eye, I've yet to have see it. I can sit and marvel at The White Stripes and find something new to appreciate no matter how many times I return to it - it's outstanding. Kill Bill is just a work of freaking art.

When I'm not nearly mellow enough to create my own art, I seriously love to mellow out with these guys. Can't recommend getting to know them and their compatriots any higher. It's well worth your time.

Monday, April 15, 2013

death of Hope (part 1)

Audience participation time! This is something I've been contemplating for a while, writing from the point of the dog. Now, as you can see from the title the planned ending is a bit...grim. Only you the reader can change that. So unless you comment and get involved it's going to end ugly for our puppy. Not necessarily as foreshadowing here indicates either. It's all to raise awareness for animal abuse, so it is for a good cause. Think of this like a BIG 'Choose Your Own Adventure' story. but if you don't play you can't complain if it doesn't turn out any better than you want it to.
... ... ...

Snuffling warmth, in a pile of furry paws and tails the others shift hoping for a bit of mom’s affection. Stretching and yawning, falling out of the pile and into the sunlight something new, foreign snakes across my path. Curious, my teeth worry the intruder until it’s pulled sharply from my mouth causing pain and a yip as I scurry back to my worried mother.
Only the opening to the box has been closed. My nose bumps into a solid wall. Scared, I whine as my bladder lets go, it’s instinct to show I’m not top dog. There are loud noises above me – thunderous. My body shakes harder. My tail tucks hard against my belly, I’m all wet and scared.
Hands reach down and pick me up, dragging me up towards those loud frightening noises. Please, just let me go back to my mother. Just let me go back to where it’s safe and warm, my heart cries. Lifted up, the world sways, sickeningly so, but I can see for a heart-stopping moment the nest I knew, the warmth, the love all the licks of her tongue, the nips of her teeth, the liquid love of her eyes. Then came the slam of the door and the cold bite of air as the swaying noisome things clutching me made for a foul smelling box that hurt my eyes. But it was strange this air, it burned my nose, made it sneeze and itch. I wanted to cry but the creature holding me made growling sounds that scared me. Sounds that made my heart tremble and beat crazy fast.
Clambering into the shining box, I couldn’t hold in my cries, the creature holding me wrapped something around me, they closed us in and my howls echoed back making me even more afraid. I felt like the only dog in the world. Light glinted, reflected and exploded, heat built up, and I bark and cried, but it only made me exhausted. The creature held me tight, the shining box swayed and bucked and lurched. Pant…pant…pant…
Awake! What is this thing around my neck and why is it so heavy?! The creature put me down – outside! In the grass and dirt – yes! But I have this heavy thing around my neck. I try to step and for every third step I fall on my face. Looking down I can see I’m dragging something. What…? The creature picks me up and puts me in this huge cold box with a roof. It smells of another dog. Slowly I investigate. The creature keeps chanting some noise.
“Hope, Hope, c’mere here, girl. Hope, come on,” the rattle of something gets my attention and I look up. It smells like food, I try to bite but the pieces are too big and too hard. Loud noises sound over my head as I worry at the pieces of food, treating them as toys. Feeling thirsty, I look for another bowl, but don’t see any water.
Thirsty, I lift my head and sniff the air. So many scents! Grass, wood, rot, the creatures, and more, but my belly rumbled and my mouth was dry so I sniffed and scented again and again looking for the tang of water, whimpering when I couldn’t find what I wanted. Hopping down, I walked out until I couldn’t go anymore then dragged myself one way then the other looking for water. In the end there was something that slaked my thirst, but it wasn’t very good and it made my belly hurt.
The light was getting low. I was all alone. It was cold. The food was no good. I wanted to go home. Turning I saw the covered box I had left. Tail low, I drag/tripped back inside and cried my sadness to the heavens. Still not a dog replied. Was I the only dog left?
“Hope, c’mon, wake up Hope…” the noise started again today. So tired. So hungry. So cold. Shivering and stumbling, I made my way over to the two-legged one crouched by the food pan. Maybe today it put something there I could eat? Hope bloomed in my heart only long enough to see that nothing new was there. Just the same too hard to eat pieces. Not even water. Crying, I went and stood over the pan, but the creature didn’t seem to understand. It touched my head and walked away.
Three days later…
Rain pattered on the top of the box. The smell of water surrounded was everywhere, wriggling forward; she licked the food pan and whined at the salty flavor. Her stomach ached from too many days of drinking out of the polluted puddles in the yard. No food to balance out the toxic mix hadn’t helped. Now the rain water softened up the old hard dry so her milk teeth could tear it to bits.
Bright lights flashed in her eyes and she growled at the sharp invasion, barking madly defending her only meal in so long. A two-legged creature stood in the rain leaning over, peering into her box. It spoke low, calmly. Still she barked, this was her meal!
* * *
A week on the road and he had to come home to this, no doubt his wife was having hysterics already. Knocking on the neighbor’s door, he plastered a fake smile on his face. “Heya, Earl. Didn’t know ya got a new dog.”
“Yeah, got me a beagle pup, named her, Hope ‘cause I hope she’s a good one.”
“Well, don’t forget you got to train her up properly, and they need a special diet. You can’t just take them out in the woods and instantly get rabbits and birds, you know.” Jim smiled affably wanting nothing more than to punch this moron right square in the face.
“Nah, it ain’t all that, Jimbo,” he brayed like a jackass swatting his knee. “You just take ‘em out into the woods, let ‘em do their thing. It’s second nature.”
James sighed. He hated the “Jimbo” thing. “And what if it isn’t ‘second nature’ Earl, what then?”
“Why then it’s even easier,” his neighbor smiled in that loose way that signaled no one was home at all, “you just come home empty handed.” With that he shut the door in his face.
James was almost home before he realized that was what happened with the last hound, Pete. The hunting trip where Earl had gone out with a dog and come home with ‘empty hands.’

Sunday, April 14, 2013

my inner nerd

Color me a touch heartbroken the other day, but after reading the pitiful articles covering the media event, I've almost decided whatever eventuality awaits humankind has been earned by our ignorance and arrogance. Every article had the same singular quote from Hawking. Why even bother repeating it here? There wasn't even a reference to any science! It was like no one present asked him a question, like, "Sir, what did you base this hypothesis on?"

Given the way the reporters all pitied the man by disparaging how long he's lived with ALS beyond the average life expectancy, it's a wonder none of them suggested dragging him into the street like a mortally wounded animal needing put down. The rest just snootily condescended how we've managed to overcome greenhouse gas emissions with the latest technology and the like.

Um, hello?! Look at the Universe. Look at our planet. Look at the debris field in space and the size of the floating mound of crap in the Pacific Ocean and feel a wealth of pride. Never mind. What he had to say wasn't merely about pollution. It had so much more weight behind it. If you think on the scale of a Universe, then you have to think BIG. Now look at this world, this planet, think of the fragility of life, what it takes for life. NEEDS versus WANTS. For life you need air and water. Without air and water we as a species cannot survive, correct?

What will happen in the next thousand to perhaps ten thousand years? The process of the magnetic poles for the planet will begin reversing - at least that is the speculation based on the change in size of the planet and its revolution path. Something I've been tracking as fodder in one of the data folders for my science-fiction trilogy, Havoc. (Havoc's file is immense and fun for any geek to read.) Even if changes start small in a thousand years time, small changes will be catastrophic for living organisms. Meaning? Some speculate increased geothermal activity translating to shifting tectonics aka earthquakes, and upper atmospheric changes as well as rotation slows, but that is much farther into the future when the ice-walls build on the planet know, the next ice age. All of this could last a hundred years or a millennia, based on evidence found in the ice caps which show these periods of transition happen with regularity. Only it hasn't happened in a time since man emerged from the primordial ooze so we've gotten cocky. Face it. We ARE cocky. It happens since we're at the top of the food chain. And at this point I'm sort of aggravated and disgusted with my own species blind stupidity. Perhaps as Mr. Beagle once said in The Last Unicorn, (and I'm paraphrasing here) 'maybe one day when rabbits write books they'll think kindly on us.'

I've often wondered, after watching admirable people like Mr. Hawking tenaciously work on in their fields despite debilitating illness, if there wasn't something to the need to see your genes pass on. Why it's harder to kill some of us than others. Genetic imperative, sort of like the biological clock, the drive to preserve life. Why some last longer than others - proving even the "law of the fittest" completely and utterly wrong. Unless of course they can circumvent that, by pure deviousness and cunning and intellect. Not every village needs a swordsman.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Flash - a taste of Fang Tower

Sorry this Friday flash is on central or west coast time, but my internet ran out, had to wait for free time. This is a sneak-peek at Fang Tower, Dog Wild book 4, so yeah, it's not written in stone. Next week maybe you'll get a look at one of the other volumes I'm working on at the same time: two I'm actively working on and a third I'm about two thousand words into with plot-lines started, so... ask! The titles are Crazy Cat Lady, Legal Beagle, and Cool Rider.

Beyond that, here's your eye candy.

* * *

The hands of the clock near the door showed a few seconds past four when the ever-perky Nurse Joy sailed through for Gail’s hourly check. Every hour on the hour Joy swept into the room with her cute little chipmunk cheeks dimpled in a happy smile and began the process of poking, prodding and monitor checking. True to form, the cartoon clad nurse shone a light in her eyes and grabbed a wrist lightly humming in tune to the piped in music still circulating over the speakers.
“I thought the reason people stayed was to get rest,” Gail was pissed. Her voice still slurred, her head still hurt and things seemed to have a weird aura to them. She was starting to look forward to seeing the big orderly who pushed her bed around with all the empathy of a grocery cart. He at least, still appeared perfectly normal when she looked at him. The doctor had this funny glow and good old Joy practically gave off light in the dark, it was an odd greenish glow that didn’t touch her skin or looks but was just there. Like a nimbus or a corona. After a few seconds of staring the haze faded and Gail felt her hopes rise. Maybe it was just a side effect of the concussion or the anesthetic.
“I am sorry, but I do have to wake you every hour to make sure you sleep normally and don’t fall into a coma.” Gail stared slack jawed at the peevish teacher-like voice. Hello? Just because she had a concussion didn’t mean she was knocked brainless. She was pissy and hurt, she should be allowed to bitch. Joy picked that moment to poke her fingers at the base of Gail’s skull. Reflexively, she grabbed the smaller woman’s wrist and squeezed. Hard.
“I do unnerstan’. But let me explain somethin’ to you.” Gail fought to keep her voice strong; her traitorous tongue wanted to do the Tequila Tango. “That fuckin’ hurts, it hurt an hour ago, and it’ll hurt an hour from now. Leave it the fuck alone.” Gail nearly dropped the woman’s wrist as the glow flared back into existence turning from lime green to a weird pumpkin. Instead of shimmering it pulsed in time to Joy’s heartbeat. Slightly freaked she dropped her grip.
“Jesus…nurse Joy and pumpkin bolts of lightning...Raichu isn’t it? I see it now, this is like a joke. I am stuck in some Pokémon nightmare.” Almost instantly the glow steadied and resumed the green shimmer before fading.
“I hear the Pokémon thing a lot more when I work pediatrics. That’s my regular beat if you can tell.” The younger woman attempted a strained smile as she indicated her cartooned uniform. “I didn’t know you had a kid. You know, to know about Nurse Joy.” Gail’s eyes drooped. The need for sleep was winning out over her pain and irritation.
“No kids, guys on crew…I babysit some…go birthdays.” It seemed like all she did was blink and the clock went from reading quarter past four to five and again to six. Someone must have taken pity because the next time Gail pried her eyes open sunlight flooded the room through half-closed window slats.
“Gail,” breathed a voice from the shadows, “how are you girl?” She squinted at the dark shape in the chair.
“Mr. Seiff?” her voice sounded froggy. Reaching unsteadily she found a small plastic cup, beaded with moisture sporting a straw. The water tasted better than it should have and she nearly forgot about her visitor as she looked around for a way to refill the now empty cup.
“Ah, here you go, Gail.” He stood up and set something on her knees as he picked up a mauve colored plastic pitcher and refilled her cup. “I wanted to ask you what you remembered from yesterday. And to show you how lucky you were just to have a concussion.”
Gail struggled to work the confusing buttons on the bed to allow her to sit without turning contortionist. Something of her feelings must have shown on her face because the careworn features of her boss broke into a huge smile. “Hospital beds bite,” he agreed as she wrestled with the sheet and alleged blanket.
“What’s this?” she gripped a broken piece of bloody plastic in her hand.
“That, Ms. Hardesty, is what is left of your hard hat.” The voice came from her left, startling her so much she nearly fell out of the bed as she jerked in reaction. It was an incredible voice, dark and deep like an opera singer, full bodied. The man, however, was unusually ordinary. Dark brown hair framed an almost perfect face. The lines of his cheeks, nose and jaw had a rugged cast rather than scalpel smooth flawlessness turning what could have been breath-taking male beauty down the road to regular Joe.
Yet, there was something that drew her gaze, changed her heartbeat and made her hormones want to howl at the moon. Blinking, Gail tried to understand her reaction to the stranger sitting relaxed at her bedside. Then it struck her, the weird aura thing she’d been experiencing didn’t just surround him like an indelible line, it played along his features like a lover’s paintbrush. There was a bluish cast to the skin of his tented fingers and relaxed face. Yet around his eyes and mouth there was a crimson film. For a moment she could have sworn that the gold of his irises actually glowed under his dark brows.
Without thinking she shook her head to clear it and nearly bit off the tip of her tongue as pain exploded behind her eyes. Like the night before it seemed to want to rip through the top of her head at the one spot on the left. “Son of a bitch,” she moaned massaging her fingers around her eyes and cheeks trying to loosen some of the excruciating pressure-pain.
“Ms. Hardesty?” the incredibly sexy voice drew her like a magnet, regardless of the throbbing. His voice had texture, she marveled between heartbeats of misery. Then she nearly lost the battle between her heaving stomach and the titling room as she looked at the unknown man again. The burst of aural color had fled and this time his skin tinged blue, eyes glowed gold and the sharp, bloodstained teeth of a predator smiled at her as the shadows coalesced into the shape of dark wings. Gail screamed in terror before her mind short circuited sending her into oblivion.


“Women don’t usually fall at my feet,” Kyle Atwood joked. He had just barely managed to grab the woman’s shoulders before she could tumble out of the bed. She had been as much a surprise to the vampire prince.
“Damn, I hope that head injury didn’t screw her up permanently. We need her,” Sieff patted a pale hand, tucking it beneath the covers as he pushed the alert button next to the bed summoning a nurse. Kyle arched a dark brow at the other man’s skewed sense of concern. For millennia humanity had accused his people of being unfeeling, but nothing compared to modern America for a true lack of compassion.
“Oh don’t get me wrong,” the older man caught the look of amused disgust on Kyle’s face. “Gail is a great lady. She’s more than just a construction project manager to me. Almost like a daughter, I’ve known her so long, but I know how bad she hates being laid up. Last year some fool accidentally shot her in the leg with a nail gun.” With a shake of his salt and pepper head over the memory, Sieff grinned in pride at the limp woman. “Never known for her fainting, she’s plenty tough. That day she gritted her teeth, glared down the cowboy with the gun and picked up a claw hammer cool as you please and pulled the nail out.”
Kyle stepped back from the bed, at once repulsed by the casual pride the other man took in the woman’s unfeminine spirit yet oddly attracted to her strength. It seemed like only yesterday that women were feted and cosseted, every whim indulged and every injury fretted over with the greatest of care in regard to their more delicate constitution. In the space of a mere handful of years woman had truly evolved into the more deadly of the species of man.
Curiously he stared at her true face revealed under the duress of pain and wondered if she would be the one. Marble cool skin the color of unpainted porcelain slid smoothly under a questing fingertip. She glowed with life, energy and potential as brilliantly as the moon. For all he knew, she could be equally unattainable.
A heavyset nurse bustled into the room with a scowl on her face. Breathing deeply Kyle read the woman in consternation. She was more concerned with merely shutting off the alarm and returning to her romance novel secreted in the stock closet where she was supposed to be doing inventory. Disregard and a lack of caring flowed from her pores like a tang of filth.
Stepping to the side he allowed the slovenly woman to brush against his clothes and stiffened in revulsion. She was utterly focused on the value of her paycheck and the expensive quality to the ‘harlot’s’ visitors. The woman had a penchant for “tidying” the personal effects of patients and visitors alike. A sudden wave of protective warmth rose and flooded his mind with the need to keep the greedy thief from inflicting harm on the woman before him. Instinctively Kyle stepped forward and plucked the sweaty plump hand from Gail’s.
“Get a doctor. Now.” He growled through teeth bared in a parody of a smile. Incredibly the woman still tried a pathetic attempt at an old pickpocket maneuver, the bump and dip, as she moved to leave the room. Kyle forced icy calm through his veins and allowed the foolish woman to win a small token piece of jewelry, a gold cufflink. His dogs would track the scent back and render proper judgment.
A younger harried looking doctor walked into the door and paused, staring wide-eyed. Kyle gave an imperceptible nod and the young neurologist hastened forward frowning lightly. Even to one of the lesser bloods Kyle mused, her identity was revealed by scent, appearance and her very touch. Lightly her eyes fluttered and opened. Dilated with shock and something more, the warm hazel orbs had drained in color showing only the brilliant red-gold threads gleaming fire, bright against the muddy green humanity boiling away from her very soul.
Silently he stared, considering Gail Hardesty, the future and all it could hold. Clasping Sieff’s shoulder in a gesture of support he turned directing a final fulminating glance at the dazed prone woman before leaving. There were many, interesting things for his attention. Things like the worm Cody Barnett and his unusual hold over men who should have been more loyal to the stricken Gail Hardesty.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

the vagaries of service

I'd love to have a real and I do mean interesting reason for why I haven't posted since last Friday. Sure, I could blame the fact we started construction on the bird barn. Most would call the new edifice a chicken coop, but since it'll be home to a combination of ducks, chickens and geese...well, I'm calling it a bird barn. That did take up a good part of an unusually balmy weekend, but it wasn't the reason I was frustrated in posting.

For some reason once the sun came out - the internet service died. We watched as our service bar was totally filled, yet a mysterious little yellow pentagon with an exclamation point just surfaced on the bottom of the screen, informing us that while we had internet, we didn't have internet.

So I took the time to work on my projects...and obsess on that damned little symbol in the corner of the screen thwarting me from doing what I said I was going to do. It was aggravating, irritating, and worst of all - frustrating!

Today on the way back from a doctor's visit, I was stuck in traffic (tis the season for construction), there was a big dust up about people feeling how they were being short changed in terms of service at a certain fast food chain. How the workers weren't happy, not greeting customers happily. That sort of thing. I cracked up. Just before going to the doctor I had a stop at a lab for blood work so I made to detour through a local drive-thru for something to eat. My blood labs can take a lot of vials so I tend to want to eat and have a bottle or two of water. Thank goodness mine are non-fasting! There was no line and I had some time so I thought, I'll just pop in. HAH! Twenty-six minute wait, got cold food when the girl remembered I was there, between trips to wherever she was haring off to and her gossipy friend and her manager watched the whole thing. Her comment? She could have made better use of her time by cleaning her station. Yeah. I don't think the greeting is their major malfunction. Sort of like my internet interruption there is another problem that needs exploring.

At least we managed to fix our problem by getting the dish realigned. Now, service again! However long it lasts...that is another mystery. But I am back peoples!

Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday flash...tease

Many apologies, there would have been a post yesterday, but I ran out of internet. I've noted how I'm in a pretty rural area, so my connection is through a satellite uplink, meaning a metered connection. My daily allotment was gobbled up when my computer decided - all on its own, I may note - to do a Windows update. I had turned that annoying function off. The computer and I are going to have words, in the programming language once I get back from the neurologist this afternoon. *scowls*

Now, I finally got that scene typed up in Trickster's Folly. Go me. So proud of myself. With no internet I didn't have anything else to do. Other than read 'Survivals of Roman Religion' for the umpteenth time, but only I'd enjoy that dusty tome that much, but I digress. Keep in mind, this is a quasi PG-13 clip and it hasn't been edited to my normal OCD levels. It's just a teaser.

Happy Friday, folks!

* * *

“I can’t believe you signed those divorce papers.” Rayna emerged from the bathroom posed artfully, one arched foot on top of the cream colored seat of dressing stool. The twisty vines of metal forming the base accenting her other calf as it narrowed into a two-toned emerald and taupe shoe made of multiple, thin straps which had to have graced a denuded street hustler somewhere.
Up and up, Amber’s tired eyes dragged as more than her libido woke following lithe lines of knee to thigh to where lush loveliness disappeared underneath a shell of matching green dress. “Your dress is really pretty, even if it is kind of crooked. It’s a nice green color.” From the sudden bloom of red high on Rayna’s cheeks, Amber’s customary lack of fashion sense turned the smaller woman’s crank – again.
“This is a Grecian style, it is meant to be off one shoulder. It is an elegant style you heathen – it is not crooked.” Her sharp little nose popped right into the air, damn but it was sexy. It was all she could do to keep herself sprawled on the floor at Rayna’s feet, to keep acting like she was bored out of her mind by the frippery, and just a bit amused when all she wanted to do was muss that fine dress while Rayna’s leg stayed hiked up in that vulgar way.
“Oh, it’s Greek. That’s why it’s olive colored,” Amber nodded and stared at Rayna’s foot like it was fascinating.
“It is not olive! It is sea green, there is a huge difference! One would think you were completely color blind!” She huffed tossing her arms, which caught Amber’s eye. One hand held the second shoe, the other a slim bit of yellow colored leather. Whatever could that be for, she mused?
 “Aren’t you ever going to get dressed?” Rayna might be thrilled as a pig in poop to attend the black-tie fundraiser for animals’ rights groups, but Amber was getting the impression she was probably the only one. Well, Rayna, and possibly Princess Pain-in-the-ass, Celena. But still, Amber would rather sit at home with Huginn and Steve and watch her toenails grow.
Grumbling, she pulled off her bathrobe to reveal she was still wearing her vambraces, the leather vest that protected her shoulders against Hugs claws, and bikini underwear. “I’ve showered before you. Can you make me presentable in the time given, oh, my queen?”
“Yes, smarty pants,” the answering smile was soft, playful and full of hidden meaning. Quickly Rayna slid on her second shoe then walked over, stride slow, measured. With a quick furtive movement she slid her hands around Amber’s neck. If it were not for decades of trust, Amber would have pulled away, but she didn’t. She stayed, trusting, loving the tiny woman in front of her more than anything possible. When she felt something small, thing and almost tight cinch around her neck, she had an odd notion of what it was, a sort of collar, if she was right. Looming over Amber, Rayna swallowed nervously, smiled, and then commanded, “Take out your braid, and let your hair fall naturally over your skin.” Perking a brow at the order, but interested at this change of pace Amber did as directed.
Keeping her golden eyes on Rayna’s limpid brown one’s, she unhurriedly freed the elastic end then used her fingers to brush the entwined length into a long curtain of waves flowing over her back, over her shoulders, down her arms. It itched, brushing over her skin, and she wished it was elsewhere, but if it made her lover happy, she was more than content to indulge Rayna’s fantasy.
A click sounded almost overloud in the small room. From somewhere Rayna had found a length of gold-plated chain and attached it to the collar now clasped around Amber’s neck. Really into this ‘amber for Amber’ theme aren’t you, she chuckled inwardly. “Take off the vest,” Rayna ordered, her voice low, cracking with emotion.
Amber nearly grinned. The last time Rayna tried to top from the bottom she made it about this far and then just started begging for what she wanted. Not a problem, not like Amber had any qualms about giving the goddess trying not to bite her lip in sudden indecision exactly what she wanted, but then again if being in control or in charge was part of what she wanted…how to make her curb this indecisiveness? Amber’s inner sadist woke and howled with glee.
Sitting back on her haunches, Amber let her weight rest on her heels. She kept her gaze on the throbbing pulse point in Rayna’s throat, her body loose, elbows down, shoulders flat, posture almost as perfect as if she were trying out for a swimsuit model piece on the beach – the only difference being her hands were slowly, deftly moving to pop the buttons one at a time from bottom to top. As if Rayna realized and reacted even harder to the impersonal show, Amber frowned and pulled back.
“You’ve gotta be kidding,” she pouted, angling a glance upward through dark lashes. Holding the top buttons, she arched her back, tilted her hips, and pulled out every trick she could recall seeing a stripper toss in her direction while stuck in the same direction. When Rayna’s eyes nearly popped, Amber smiled slow and hot.
“Uh, uh. No way. You wanted to master this beast, remember?” Her muscular arms stretched out, then folded back, submissive. “You got the chain, you’re in control.” On her knees she crowded closer, using her nose, she rubbed the soft flesh of Rayna’s knee, slipping the silk of her dress higher, but still not breaking eye contact. “You wanted to be in control then do it.” Amber’s breath fanned out between Rayna’s spread thighs, ah the naughty girl was only wearing the tiniest of lace thongs. If it weren’t for the liner on the dress, the silk would be ruined with a single wrong placed lick. “Can you do it? Can you bring me to heel?”
Rayna shook like a palsy victim. Absently her left hand spooled the slack of the chain as she bent over her lover and would-be-slave. “I think I can handle this, so kiss me – now.” Grinning like a sinner, Amber leaned in and gave her exactly what she asked for.