Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taps on the mic...1-2-3

Well, there were things about this blog I could change, and things I couldn't. I spent hours clearing out old posts and updating dead links and book covers, but for some reason blogger seems to adore the YouTube links.

Go figure.

Clunky crap like that just seems beyond me. I'm quasi-amused at the most inordinate of things lately. So, we're taking a militaristic view of my quirks. Meaning if you don't ask the blue haired mad-woman, she probably won't tell you. Yes, my hair is blue. No, you probably don't want to know.

But if you do find yourself really wanting to know. That's what the reply button is for. Machine gun style, here's life:

My son has moved out, he's on his own, doing well with his (now) fiancé.

Seizures are under control and I've not only got my driving privileges back, but a really awesome radiant red, Toyota FJ-Cruiser.

My hair is blue, my family still gives me hinky looks at the dinner table at holidays. Totally sweet.

I'm writing again; about 5,000 words per day when the muse moves me. Took apart Dog Wild 3, Trickster's Folly and started over from the ground up. It's cooking along nicely now at the 20,000 word mark so I hope to be done in about two or three weeks. Seriously. This one will be polyamorous and have lots of violence. I'm giddy thinking of my plotlines.

I'm also doing a lot of gay and lesbian stuff. I know most of my readers are going meh. Sorry. I have some other things in the works as well, don't feel bad. Getting out of the doldrums and being able to do things has really helped a great deal.

Well gots to go cook dinner. TTFN and will post more as soon as this piddly sat service chokes up more 'net service for me.

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