Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goin' to the dogs

Between shopping on Black Friday and post-turkey day clean up, I missed posting on Frightening Journeys this week, so I decided to take advantage of the crickets and cobwebs over here and ramble on the subject: what is my favorite shifter. Believe it or not - it isn't the werewolf.

Yes, I know, shocking considering how many of my books have featured werewolves or man-wolf shifters, but I'm finding a new fascination taking me over. Cynanthropy for one, before you go looking it up at Wikipedia and getting all disappointed - trust me, there is next to nothing there, if you want information on occult studies you've got to hit the stacks - it's dog shape-shifting. I know a lot of people won't see much of a difference between a dog and a wolf, but they are there trust me. If you ever want to see, or learn some really nifty (read nerdy) differences between wolves and dogs look up two different articles, one on the hunting patterns of wolves and the other on the instinctive knowledge dogs have of calculus. Yes, ladies and gents, calculus. It took me a good long time to wade through that article, but it was well worth it, notably since I learned something interesting. The only other animal that has been known, or observed, to apply the same analytical skills while hunting prey individually has been the Kodiak bear.

Leading me to my next type of favorite shape-shifter, the berserker. No, I won't call them were-bears or therianthropes. I subscribe to the old school philosophy that everything has a name, and deserves to be called accordingly. There aren't many stories out there featuring berserkers, the bear shape-shifter, and the ones that do exist always seem to want to make the bears misunderstood and cuddly - not at all the way I picture them.

I am thinking it's time to kick my writing into high gear and rectify some of this shit ;)

Right now I'm working on addressing the lack of cynthropes with my female/female stories Leash Laws and The Relation Chip. So people, keep on me, keep nagging, push me little and I promise they'll get to you. Why do dogs have to be man's best friend?

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