Friday, December 19, 2008

Hanukkah celebration underway!

The Glowing Lights of Chanukah will soon be here and there are Gifts waiting for you!

Beginning Wednesday, December 17th join Ten authors who have gathered romance stories with Jewish heroes and heroines from all walks of life:

From the days of the Maccabees to Regency England to modern day America to parallel worlds; from sweet to spicy hot.

Tell us the names of their heroes and heroines and send them to borntowrite @ (minus the spaces of course) to be entered in a drawing of Gifts for the Season. The winner will be drawn December 22nd, the first day of Chanukah!

Start the celebration with authors: Keira Andrews, Astrid Amara and Cheryl Dragon on Wednesday, the 17th.

The Celebration begins with Keira Andrews at:

Thursday, the 18th: Melissa Glisan, Jeanne Barrack and EM Ben Shaul

Friday, the 19th: Samantha Kane and Eva Gordon

Sunday, the 21st KZ Snow and James Buchanan

Hope you'll join us!

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