Friday, December 19, 2008

Festival of Lights

It's the year 167 BCE and the practice of Jewish faith has been outlawed in Jerusalem by the Hellenic overlords, the Seleucids. Hoping to protect his aspiring Rabbi son, Jacob, Moshe makes a most unusual purchase at the Syrian slave markets - a female Scythian warrior.

Saka Ishkuzi has known nothing but deprivation, battle and the harsh extremes of icy mountains and sand dunes. Her background forged the perfect weapon. Her biggest battle won't be protecting the aspiring Rabbi Jacob's life, but her heart from his gentle touch.

Travel back in time through Festival of Lights to the first Hanukkah to witness miracles of faith and love.


“Your father hoped to sell my horse and part out my things.” She had tried valiantly not to let her upset show in her voice, but Jacob heard the quaver under the strength.

“Greed was in his heart, but I hope to balance his misdeeds by teaching you our ways and by treating you with as much honor as possible.” A fine sheen of sweat covered his body under his clothes and gathered in his hair.

“Is that why you do not touch me or look at me?” The question was completely without guile. Looking at the small pout, Jacob made a spur of the moment guess.

“No other man has seen you without clothes, has he?” The sweat beaded and rolled down the side of his face. Hoping for a reprieve, he redirected his vision to the nasty wound on her left upper arm. That did it, instant erection kill, he was back to worrying about washing, dressing and treating his new…what exactly was Saka? Then it hit him, he had a single pallet. All of his good intentions died as visions of her eager body, slicked with sweat, writhing under and over him in the dark, clouded his mind.

“It is my shame.” Saka hung her head, “no male has wanted to see me without my clothes.”

Hoping he didn’t shake or look lower than her bent head, Jacob lifted her face, cupping her chin.
“I desire to see you without clothes and I hope by all I hold holy God knows I honor you by not taking advantage.” Her eyes turned an incandescent color that stole his breath. In a strangled tone he eked out, “I must hurry or I’ll not see to your needs before the shops close for dinner and the night’s prayer.”


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